Play Music Festivals

If you’re an independent musicians thinking of playing music festivals, let be the first to tell you, you need to be at these events as often as possible. Why you ask, because music festivals are just down right cool. It’s one of the only places that brings together potentially thousands of people all with the same music interests and likes. There are currently over five hundred music festivals going on throughout the year, so finding on that appeals to your music taste should be no problem at all.If you’re new and just starting out with your music, I would recommend just attending the list of music festivalsas a guest the first year so you can get an idea of how they flow and the general overview of the festival itself. Try and pay attention to every detail possible, especially what’s going on backstage. Once you start taking notice to how things work, you’ll be really surprised by the amount of work that goes into putting the event together and making sure it goes off without a hitch. Just seeing this will make you appreciate the people that are working these events when you start you trying to play them yourself.Once you have an idea of how music festivals work, now the real work starts for those who have goals of playing at music festivals going on throughout the year. The first step would be create a document of all the music festivals going on that feature your style of music. You’ll need to learn all important information that you can about the festival, that includes the main contact person, their email and possible phone number. Once you have this info, you’re ready to begin.

To begin the process of reaching out to potential music festivals for performing interests, you’ll need to go back to your document and see how the festivals prefers to except submissions from music acts interested in performing. Once you’ve located the proper area to submit your music for consideration, you’ll need to submit your stuff and wait for a response. I know it sounds simple, but that’s really all there is to it. If you don’t hear back from the event coordinator by the end of the first month of your submission, now it’s OK to reach out with a personal email and ask did they receive your submission and have they considered using your band for their festival.


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